Conferences in Israel

The Association has been asked to publicise three important international meetings in Israel during 2016.

The Israeli Medical Association is holding a World Fellowship meeting for international Jewish medical groups in Haifa from 3rd – 7th May. The announcement, provisional programme and registration details are attached. The latter part of the meeting devoted to the theme of the Physician in 2030, will be a joint event with all the Israeli speciality societies.

The details of the meeting can be accessed via the links:

Save the Date

Note that the registration fee for members of the Jewish Medical Association UK is $400, and for junior doctors who are members of the Association has been reduced to $250.

The 6th International Conference on Health Policy Research will take place from 23rd – 25th May 2016 in Jerusalem. The conference theme is “Health policy: from local experience to global patterns and back again”. There are several British participants in the meeting including two of the organisers (Dr Balabanova and Prof McKee) and participants (Dr Fiona Sim). The recent review of Israeli medical education (in which Profs Crome and Katz participated) will be discussed.

The details of the meeting can be accessed here.

An International conference on the theme of “Founder Populations and their contributions to our understanding of Biology and History – lessons from the Jewish Genome” will take place in Haifa from 10th – 14th July. The meeting is organised by Prof Gad Rennert of the Technion and Carmel Medical Centre. British participants giving plenary talks at this meeting are Lord Winston, Prof Tom Cox, Prof Michael Baum and Sir Walter Bodmer.

More details about the meeting can be accessed here.



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