AGM 2009 – Prof Sir Peter Rubin

“Not what we used to be? Medical Education in the UK over the last 150 years.”

Professor Peter Rubin, one of the UK’s most distinguished clinical academics, has a strong track record of leadership at both university and national levels.

Prof Rubin graduated from Cambridge in 1971 and from the Oxford Clinical School in 1974. After further training in the USA (Stanford) and Glasgow, he was appointed Professor of Therapeutics at the University of Nottingham in 1987. His major clinical and research interest is in the medical aspects of pregnancy, and in associated hypertensive disorders, in particular. He headed the Department of Medicine in Nottingham from 1990-7, and was Dean of the Medical School from 1997-2003. From 2002-8, he chaired the General Medical Council (GMC) Education Committee, which determines content and standards of UK undergraduate medical education and he chaired the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board, which is responsible for determining and quality assuring postgraduate educational standards, from 2005-8. He led the development of the University of Nottingham’s New School of Veterinary Science and Medicine, developed admissions and student fitness to practice programmes for the Medical Schools Council and has served as a board member on the Higher Education Funding Council for England (2003-9). He has also served on Royal College of Physicians Hospital Trust and Ethics Committees. Internationally, he has had numerous lecturing, professorial and advisory roles. Despite all of these commitments, he continued to run a weekly hypertension clinic and to participate in the duty rota for acute medicine alongside his NHS colleagues until 2009. Prof Rubin was elected Chairman of the new GMC in April 2009.


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