Elective Reports 2008

Departments of Internal Medicine and Neurology, Hadassah Hospital and Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

I spent my elective in autumn of 2008 at Hadassah, Ein Karem, Jerusalem for 6 weeks in the departments of Internal Medicine and Neurology. Both departments had a heavy and varied case load, and included HDU bays with intubated patients. I attended and contributed to lengthy and discursive ward rounds, and attended departmental meetings and journal clubs. I vastly improved my medical Hebrew and I compiled a dictionary of over 800 words intended for the JMA(UK) electives’ website. In Israel, medical students are taken seriously and are expected to be well read and so I learnt a lot of medicine as well as deepening my understanding of Israeli medical care.

Non-medical highlights of my elective included the mandate-period Rockefeller Antiquities Museum, a debate on the state of Israeli democracy launching a book by Shulamit Aloni, and an “Alternative Tourism Group” trip to Bethlehem, Dheisheh and Hebron.

Bernard Freudenthal
Final Year Medical Student – University College London


Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

I undertook my medical elective at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia in the Diabetes and Endocrinology department. I attended clinics and MDT meetings as well as taking on responsibilities for patients on the wards. I became an integral member of the team and increased my knowledge in the area of diabetes and endocrinology. I also completed a research project whilst in the department looking into ‘Steroid-Induced diabetes’, the factors affecting it and the optimal treatment available.

Whilst in Melbourne I was in touch with the President of the Australasian Jewish Medical Federation (AJMF), Dr Wayne Lemish, and was able to attend some of their events including a photographic exhibition with the renowned photographer Emmanuel Santos. I was also in touch with the Jewish medical students and helped to facilitate a medical student social event, the first of its kind in Melbourne. Furthermore I helped establish a student led division of the AJMF, which has successfully recruited new members and will be hosting student events in the future.

I met many Jewish doctors and medical students during my time in Melbourne, made exciting new connections and formed new friendships. I would like to thank JMA(UK) for all their help and sponsorship for this elective.

Aliza Abeles
Final Year Medical Student – University College London


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