Student activities 2014-2015

Student Jewish Medical Association Activities – London – 2014-2015 

Meet and Greet cocktails evening (October 2014)

This year we decided to open with a social event. Over 30 medical/medically affiliated students came together at The Alice House in West Hampstead for a social evening filled with all-you-can-eat pizza and an open bar. The feedback we received was very positive, especially from Freshers (first years). The event was a great opportunity to meet and catch up with Jewish medics and health science students from London and the UK.

Chill and Prees (November 2014) 

The second event was a quieter one.  15 students met at the London Hillel house (Harmony Close) for pizza, nibbles and drinks. An initial plan was to head over to Camden Town was abandoned in favour of remaining at Hillel House.

Annual National Medical Student Friday Night Dinner (January 2015)

The Annual Dinner was a resounding success:  Hampstead Synagogue generously allowed us the use their hall, both the gastronomic and social aspects were  excellent, and there were insightful talks and discussions by Professor Katz on death dilemmas, Dr Andrew Deaner on the lessons of the Fabrice Muamba story and his role on the day, Prof Daniel Hochhauser on Jews and cancer and Dr Oliver Ziff on what it means to be a FY1. This Friday night dinner is one of the highlights of the year and we hope the tradition will continue to grow and flourish in the future.


SJMA Annual Dinner (1)

Interfaith event with Barts and the London Christian Union (February 2015)

In partnership with the Barts and the London Christian Union, we hosted an evening event on UCL campus. As students coming from two different faith groups, our religions have many things in common but also many differences – we may not be aware of some of these issues, and we may be uncertain about others, and an effective way for both students and doctors to enhance our understanding about similarities and differences was to meet and discuss with other people. With this in mind, we included an informal expert panel discussion during the event, with speakers Prof Katz and Dr Dave Randal.
The event allowed students to enjoy the culinary and social aspects of the evening. Topics ranging from similarities and differences between the two faiths to various aspects of medical ethics were explored. Furthermore, the event also gave us an opportunity to strengthen our interfaith relationship with members of the Christian medical community.

Jewish Medical Association UK  Annual Dinner (March 2015)

A large contingent of students attended a very enjoyable evening – socialising, networking and hearing Prof Mark Clarfield give a thought-provoking talk. The event also gave the students an opportunity to appreciate the efforts of members to help students and young doctors with career progression and support. Moreover, the event highlighted the considerable time and energy that Association members give voluntarily to rebut and and/or take a stand against biased anti-Israel, anti-Semitic publications and motions. This was especially relevant during and after last summer’s Israel-Gaza conflict.  The co-chairs, Alan Greenstein and Luisa Peress, proposed two of the toasts during the course of the evening

OSCE Theory and Practice Sessions (May 2015) 

As part of our role in offering support, advice and educational help to Jewish medical students studying in the UK, a regional Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) teaching session, hosted at Barts and the London. With the help of a some senior medical students and FY1s, we covered the theory behind the various clinical examinations and opened the floor to questions. We then facilitated a session where students were able to practice examinations whilst being observed and graded against a mark sheet.
Teaching was provided by the co-chairs – we lecture for the Medical Education Support Society and help run Anatomy Demonstrations respectively, at Barts-  together with other SJMA members and FY now doctors. There was high demand and positive feedback about this event and we hope it can become a yearly tradition and an even more successful event in future years.









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