Cancer Genetics – a Jewish Perspective

Genetic studies are playing an increasingly important role in cancer medicine. This is no longer confined to epidemiology and disease susceptibility, although such studies remain very important. Today, translation of genetic information into the clinic is influencing treatment choices significantly, and contributing to “personalised medicine”.

Recently Dr Ian Ellis, Consultant Clinical Geneticist at Royal Liverpool and Alder Hey Hospitals*, reviewed the Jewish perspective on this topic for Chai Cancer Care. To access this informative article click here.

Jewish Genetic Disorders UK

Jewish Genetic Disorders UK (JGD UK) is a registered charity dedicated to improving the awareness, prevention and management of Jewish genetic disorders across the Jewish, healthcare professional and wider community. The focus is on the group of genetic conditions that, though not exclusively Jewish, are of particular relevance to people of Jewish ancestry. JGD resources are available to everyone across the Jewish community and the general population. Their aim is to provide information impartially, empowering people to manage their own condition in the best way possible according to their individual circumstances and beliefs.

Further information can be obtained from their website:


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