General Practice, Maccabi Health Centre, Netanya

My main objective for my elective was to compare the working life of a GP in England (where I spent the other half of my elective), with that of one in Israel.  I spent most of my time sitting in with the GP during consultations, joining them on home visits and discussing their work and lifestyle.  In order to get views of other doctors about their working life, I designed a short questionnaire and distributed this to the doctors in the practice.  Although I did not get many opportunities to see patients on my own, I was always invited to examine patients and elicit signs.  Being based in Netanya, a good proportion of the consultations were in English, while others allowed me to brush up on my Hebrew!  Speaking to English patients who had retired to Netanya gave me the unique opportunity to compare the health services in Israel and the UK from the patients’ perspective.  I worked mostly only mornings and early afternoons, Sunday to Thursday.  Having Friday off to prepare for Shabbat was useful, although I did miss my Sundays!  I was in Israel for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Succot, and it was a pleasant change not to have to explain why I wanted time off like I do every year in England! I had a wonderful time and the experience will definitely contribute to our decision about whether or not to live and work in Israel.

Emma Shaw
Medical student, KCL

Published in General News, on June 22nd, 2017


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