Death and Bereavement

One of the key elements of Jewish religious freedom is how we are allowed to handle death and bereavement according to our own traditions within society, always doing so within the law. Therefore the death certification process and how it is regulated is a matter of Jewish concern. The Association has provided guidance and support to the communal bodies that defend our traditions in this field, and has also worked with other faith communities who have shared interests in this respect.

The resultant latest iteration of reform to the death certification process was published on 14th December 2023.

The link to that document, and hence to the documents on which it is based, can be found here.

A few key points in this document are that it:

  • applies to England and Wales, not Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • is the next stage in the roll out of the medical examiner system to cover all deaths
  • envisages a revised Medical Certificate of Confirmation of Death (MCCD)
  • makes provision for the 28 day rule to be replaced by an attending general practitioner who can issue an MCCD to a medical examiner for approval and release of body for burial