Patrons & Officers


We are privileged to have as our patrons:

Henry Grunwald QC
Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy
Lord Tumberg
Lord Winston

(Founder Patron: The late Lady Jakobovits)


The current officers of the Jewish Medical
Association (UK) are:

Executive Chairman: Prof David R Katz

Honorary Secretary: Dr Simon Nadel

Honorary Treasurer: Prof Mervyn Jaswon

London President: Prof Ian Goodman

London Past President: Prof Maralyn Druce

Israel Liaison: Dr Simon Cohen

Trainee representative: Dr Abigail Swerdlow

Scholarships & Electives: Dr Lionel Balfour-Lynn

Administrative Officer: Hilary Cane

Administrative Financial Officer: Helene Gordon

Student Chairs: Miriam Green and Casril Liebert