One of the problems that have arisen post Covid-19 is that since 2020 the other immunisations may not have been as highly prioritised as they should be. One probable consequence is that there has been a significant increase in measles cases, and this has been particularly serious in areas with large Jewish populations. Active campaigns to promote immunisation against measles have been launched, and an example of this from Hackney, introducing new clinics and attempting to increase vaccine cover as quickly as possible before the forthcoming Jewish holidays, can be seen here.

Dr Tammy Rothenberg, consultant paediatrician at the Homerton University Hospital in London, reports that as of early August 2023 there has not been an upswing in measles cases in Stamford Hill, but that there has been an outbreak of pertussis in Stamford Hill, Gateshead and Israel.

Furthermore, Tammy reports that NHS England are running a webinar on Monday 21st August 2023 on the theme of “Sharing Innovation to Promote Equality in MMR Campaigns” which has been organised by Samina Tarafder [Engagement Lead (Orthodox Jewish community) and Under 5’s Immunisations Co-ordinator, North East Hackney]

Full details (and how to register for the event) can be accessed here.

Following several cases of poliomyelitis that have been reported in Jewish communities in different parts of the world, members of the Association have helped with the preparation of answers to FAQs that arise about the subject of vaccination in general, and polio in particular. These have been taken up by the Jewish press and can be accessed here.