Student Jma

Past Events


Rachel Valins reports that during 2018 – 9 there was a welcome drinks, a Friday Night Dinner, a Purim party and the annual blood donationdrive. The Jewish medical student group worked with the local Jsoc and the charity Jnetics to provide a free screening initiative for almost 150 Jewish students in Birmingham for some of the common autosomal recessive diseases that Ashkenazi Jews may carry. Medical students were able to be screening advisors on the day and gained interesting experience about these diseases, and in discussing the issues with their fellow students.


David Maskill reports that during 2018-9 there was a case-based discussion with dinner, a quiz with dinner, and two OSCE practice sessions per week; and an (inaugural) Northern England (post Shabat) annual dinner.


Daniel Gutmann and Sophia Raymond report that during 2018-9 there was a welcome event, a support session to help prepare prospective medical students for interviews, a Friday Night dinner, and a “mock OSCE” session. In addition the Imperial College group, led by Eli Goldin and Yvette Jaffe, organised a meet and greet event, and OSCE mentoring sessions.

Mummies, Monarchs and Measles
1st December 7pm

Rabbi Prof Edward Reichman is a Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and received his semikhah from RIETS. He writes and lectures internationally in the field of Jewish medical ethics.

He provided a handout for the students about his talk, which can be accessed here.

The year 2021-22 continued to be affected by the pandemic. Nonetheless it was a considerable achievement for the Executive Chairs to organise several well supported and enjoyable events. The first was a Meet and Greet bringing together new and more experienced students in a face-to-face evening. Rabbi Akiva Tatz spoke about genetics issues from a halachic and ethical perspective. A Chanukah quiz night followed, and in January Dr Adrian Tookman spoke about his work in palliative care and at the Marie Curie Hospice. At the Friday night dinner the guest speaker was a foundation year doctor, Dr Josh Silverblatt. Educational events included tutorials on topics such as prescribing and handling emergencies. Jnetics presented a promotion of their screening campaign. In addition, the Jewish Medical Association webinars were advertised to medical students on a regular basis.