Current events

Racism and Inequalities in medicine – May 2021

During the Covid -19 pandemic period questions about health inequalities have been highlighted in many ways. These were discussed in a webinar by Prof Sir Michael Marmot, which can be accessed here

Furthermore, there has been considerable debate about racism and inequalities in our professional lives. Is there discrimination, either overt or covert? How does this manifest?

In May 2021 the British Medical Association addressed the question and released a policy statement which can be accessed here.

Lancet: A zero tolerance policy for racism in the NHS – October 2023

Following the massacre perpetrated by Hamas in Israel on 7th October 2023, the NHS Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard wrote that there must be no tolerance of outbreaks of racism (both antisemitism and Islamophobia) and resultant abuse in the NHS at all times, including during war. Supporting her, on 20th October 2023 David Katz and Fiona Sim wrote to the Lancet, expressing the Association’s endorsement of her zero tolerance policy, and noting that Jewish doctors (and other healthcare professionals) have encountered recent racism. Unacceptable such behaviour must be addressed and combatted as an urgent priority. Their letter can be accessed here.