Student Jma

Student Chairs

Abigail Mendall

Hi I’m Abigail and I am a 3rd year medical student at Barts. So far, I really enjoy Endocrinology and General Practice! I am also on the Queen Mary’s JSoc committee as a Barts officer. In my free time I love baking, playing tennis and hanging out with friends. I am looking forward to organising lots of events this year and can’t wait to meet other healthcare and medical students.

Natalie Hart

Hi I’m Natalie. I’m in fourth year at Imperial and am interested in emergency medicine and paediatrics. Outside of medicine I enjoy boardgames, art and calligraphy. I’ve been a Madricha and Rosh with Bnei Akiva, am part of Imperial JSoc and am now very excited to be a Co-chair for sJMA. Looking forward to a fabulous year full of exciting events. If you ever need anything please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Previous Student Jewish Medical Association (UK) Leadership


Casriel Liebert, Miriam Green; Ella Blendis and Charlotte Buchalter (Birmingham), Abe Tolley (Cambridge), Ben Silberstein and Oli Sims (Leeds), Natalie Hart (Imperial), Eli Benzaken (KCL), Danny Deacon (Liverpool), Shmuli Hanson and Boruch Michales (Manchester) Roni Altman (Nottingham), Roneel Reed (Oxford) and Anoushka Sharp (QMUL), and Shir Dor (St George’s)


Shira Dworkin, Anoushka Sharp; Emma Brady and Simmy Wahnon (Birmingham); Abe Tolley (Cambridge); Ariel Reingold and Hadar Ben-Azri (Leeds); Mickey Dekel (KCL); Eleanor Tobelem (St George’s); Eli Goldin (ICL); Dania Mann-Weinberg (Manchester); Jemma Oberman (Nottingham);  Lauren Grahame and Jenna Boss (Swansea)


Eli Goldin; Tamir Sirkis (Exeter); Aaron Gelfand and Alex Sharpe (Leeds); Ella Davidson and Yvette Jaffe (London); Michal Blank (Manchester); Leora Marcus (Nottingham)


Daniel Gutmann and Sophia Raymond; Tamir Sirkis (Exeter); Rachel Valins and Michael Tarsh (Birmingham); David Maskill (Leeds); Michal Blank (Manchester); Leora Robinson (Nottingham)


Jemma Barash and Fabianne Viner; Elliot Brown and Sam Calmanson (Birmingham); Guy Benshetrit (Leeds); Elkie Ben Hur (North West); Leora Robinson (Nottingham)


Jessica Franklin and Avi Korman; Elliot Brown and Sam Calmanson (Birmingham); Sophie Ellis (Leeds); Elkie Ben Hur (North West); Leora Robinson (Nottingham)


Megan Daly, Michael Magarefteh, Josh Solomon and Amitai Tannen; Elliot Brown (Birmingham); Jenny Ellenbogen (Leeds); Sarah Simons (Nottingham)


Alan Greenstein and Luisa Peress; Hannah Andrews (Birmingham); Amanda Leigh (Leeds); Gabriella Samson (Liverpool); Sarah Simons (Nottingham)


Sam Freeman and David Winters; Rob Allon (Birmingham); Dan Beder (Leeds); Sarah Simons (Nottingham)


Joseph Machta and Shier Ziser; Rob Allon (Birmingham); Sarah Simons (Nottingham)