Influencing and Supporting Religious Identity in the NHS through Faith Competency

In March 2022 Dr YingFei Heliot of the University of Surrey published a report on her study “Influencing and Supporting Religious Identity in the NHS through Faith Competency”. The report can be accessed here.

Dr Heliot’s Key Recommendations were that the NHS should:

  • Build religion and belief competency frameworks into medical education and international recruitment and local recruitment.
  • Introduce faith and belief competency conversational workshops as a regular activity for all NHS colleagues.
  • Include the Faith and Belief Competency Framework in staff inductions and cultural and spiritual assessment.
  • Establish and support faith and belief networks/forums across all NHS Trusts.
  • Increase visibility of senior leaders in faith competency conversational workshops.
  • Make clear and consistent statement(s) on the position of all NHS Trusts on the expression and behaviour of faith and belief at work.
  • Develop a mechanism to support champions in faith and belief competence at work.
  • Engage in continuous conversations between Human Resources, faith and belief groups, and senior leaders with the aim to champion faith competency at all levels.