Past Events

 15th February | Special Agent for COVID-19 – A unique viral challenge with Dr David Nabarro

1st February | The NHS: Beginning, Middle and End? with Dr John Marks 

25th January | Medical Examiner Services – where we are now and where we are going in 2022 with Dr Mette Rodgers

11th January | The new Office for Health Improvement & Disparities: Opportunities and Challenges in Reforming Public Health with Gila Sacks

19th December | The omicron variant – a South African perspective | Prof Barry Schoub

8th December | Holistic management of HIV in primary care – a case based review | Dr Toni Hazell

16th November | Israeli Transplantation – Live Issues | Dr Tamar Ashkenazi

10th November | Health and Equity in all Policies: Local, Regional and Global Perspectives on COVID19 Challenges in Israel with Prof Nadav Davidovitch

11th May | What has the COVID-19 Pandemic Taught us about the US Health Care System? |Prof Sherry Glied, Ph.D.

4th May | The Art of the Possible | Dr Beverley Jacobson (Chief Executive, Norwood)

27th April | COVID-19 vaccine trials – what still needs to be done? with Prof Saul Faust FRCPCH PhD

20th April | A Kosher Approach to Improving Health Policy with Prof Orly Manor

16th March | Precedented Times: The Rabbinic Response to Pandemics Throughout the Ages | Rabbi Edward Reichman, MD

9th March | Covid and community – A year of the pandemic in Newham, East London; and what it means for the future | Jason Strelitz

2nd March | COVID-19 vaccines roll out in Israel – what have we learned so far? | Prof Eyal Leshem

23rd February | Pandemics, communication, and women’s health with Dr Brooke Vandermolen

16th February | Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in a North London Community with Dr Michael Marks

19th January | Messy lawmaking: Covid-19 lockdowns, democracy and the law with Adam Wagner

12th January | Event with Prof David Heymann CBE

8th December | AGM – A new approach to evaluating government pledges with Prof Dame Jane Dacre

1st December | Research evidence – facts and flaws – a USA perspective with Prof Stanley J Weiss

24th November | ‘Selected health systems and policies responses to COVID-19 pandemic in Europe and Israel in the first half of 2020 – what can we learn for the next waves?’ | Waitzberg

17th November | Best for Breast During COVID | Joanna Franks

10th November | ‘Don’t hold your breath’ Chronic respiratory care in the time of Covid-19, and Post-Covid clinics | Dr Nicola Marks

3rd November | Social justice, health equity and Covid-19 | Prof Sir Michael G. Marmot

27th October | The Covid-19 epidemic in Israel: lessons learned and cautionary tales | Prof Ora Paltiel

20th October | The psychology of adherence: why people go along with authority, why they follow COVID measures ….and how the UK Government has blown it | Prof Stephen Reicher

29th September | Predicting Covid with 4 million citizen scientists | Prof Tim Spector

15th September | Dying in uncertain times | Dr Adrian Tookman

8th September | Dementia 2020….where are we now? | Dr Suzanne Joels

1st September | The impact of COVID 19 on kidneys and kidney services. Part 1 | Professor Alan Salama

25th August | Covid 19 and the future of General Practice: ‘The Times they are a changin’’| Dr Ian Goodman

4th August | Where do the children play? Israel’s Covid-19 response, and the role of children | Prof Ora Paltiel

28th July | What the ONS England and Wales study of COVID-19 mortality tells us about British Jewish mortality |Dr Daniel Staetsky

21st July | 5 ‘C’s: COVID, CAMHS, crises, chaos and collaboration |Dr Mike Groszmann

14th July | The story of COVID-19 and a ‘new’ CPAP respiratory support device | Prof Mervyn Singer

7th July | With professionals in the lead and excellent teamwork we can manage every crisis | Prof Marcel Levi

30th June | Kids and COVID19, the story so far…| Dr Karyn Moshal

23rd June | Pandemic Dreams | Laurie Wiseman

16th June | Perhaps the end of the beginning? | Dr Ellis Friedman