Medicine in the Israel

Israeli Medical Association

The Israeli Medical Association (IMA) is the professional association representing about 95 percent of the physicians in Israel. The Association traces its origins to the “Hebrew Medicinal Society for Jaffa and the Jaffa District”, founded in 1912, which later became the “Hebrew Medical Association in the Land of Israel”. Today the IMA represents physicians in all fields and regions throughout the country and at all stages in their medical careers, from students completing their studies and interns, to specialists and private practice doctors, to retired physicians. The IMA acts independently and on a nonpartisan basis to advance doctors and public medicine in Israel.

Officers of the Israeli Medical Association

President: Prof. Zion Hagay (Previous head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kaplan Medical Centre and past Chairman of the Hospital Doctors’ Division of the Physicians’ Association of Clalit Health Services)

Chairman, World Fellowship:  Prof. Hana Leiba (Former head of Ophthalmology Department at Kaplan Medical Centre)

Chairman, Israel Government Doctors Committee:  Dr Zeev Feldman (Director, Paediatric Neurosurgery, Safra’s Children’s Hospital, Chaim Sheba Medical Centre, Tel Hashomer, Israel)

Chairman, Physicians’ Association of Clalit Health Services: Dr. Moshe Kostiner (OBGYN, Manager of Specialists Clinic – Clalit)

Past President: Dr. Leonid Eidelman (Director, Anaesthesiology Department, Assuta Ashdod Medical Centre, Past President of World Medical Association)Secretary General: Leah Wapner (Secretary General, European Federation of Medical Associations)

Director of Law and Policy: Malke Borow

World Fellowship, Board Members

Prof. Ram Elazari

Dr. Chaim Alon

Dr. Ronny Torten

Dr. Boris Ladijensky

Dr. Gil Levi

Dr. Alex Levine

Dr. Ruth Gur

Dr. Shaked Lev-Ari

Dr. Shimshon Erdman

IMA International Coordinator Tracey Hyman (


The IMA publishes regular newsletter updates about the Association’s activities in Israel in order to better inform Jewish physicians and their colleagues around the world. These updates also include news about Jewish doctor groups active in other countries. Click below to see recent versions.


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The Centennial Year of the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) was opened by a symposium and exhibition held at the European Union headquarters in Brussels. The events were initiated by the Belgian Jewish Doctors’ Group, led by Dr Willy Lipshutz. Mr Nuno Wahnon – Martens, from Bnai Brit International, and Mrs Elizabeth Harris-Sawczenko from the Board of Deputies of British Jews, gave invaluable assistance.

This symposium was introduced and chaired by Dr Zeev Feldman, who is the member of the IMA Executive responsible for international affairs and chair of the World Fellowship. Dr Arnon Afek spoke about the Israeli Health Care system and how it addresses disparities and inequalities in health; Dr Nurit Nirel described Israel’s remarkable experience in the integration of immigrant doctors; Dr Avi Abargel described Israeli humanitarian aid in Haiti and Thailand; and Drs Maayan, Moses and Rein described the Hadassah training programmes in Africa.  Prof David Katz (UK) and Dr Henri Goldstein (Denmark) spoke about the role of the Jewish physician in Europe and their linkages to Israel medicine.

The symposium was followed by a reception to open a poster exhibition in the main foyer of the building, which was on display from 7th to 11th November. This included the “Jews in Medicine” series prepared by Dr Simon Cohen (UK) and posters were from Beit Issie Shapiro; Center for Health Policy Research in the Negev, Ben Gurion University, Israel; B’nai B’rith; Israaid; Israeli Medical Association; Ruth & Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel; and Western Galilee Hospital, Nahariya, Israel.

The events were sponsored by MEP Emil Stoyanov (Bulgaria), MEP Charles Tannock (United Kingdom), MEP Miroslav Mikolasik (Slovakia), MEP Hannu Takkula  (Finland), and MEP Michail Tremopoulos (Greece) and David Saranga (Head of the European Parliament Liaison Department, Mission of Israel to the European Union). Both MEP Tannock and MEP Mikolasik gave warm addresses of welcome at the opening

The IMA posters can be found here.