NHS Jewish BRCA Testing Programme

It is recognised widely that BRCA gene mutations are associated with an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer. These mutations are much more common in Jewish (especially Ashkenazi) populations. However, it has taken many years of hard work, in particular by Prof Ranjit Manchanda, to achieve recognition about the necessity for Jewish people to be offered genetic screening. Generously Prof Manchanda has provided us with details about what this entails, and how it benefits the community. His presentation can be accessed here.

NICE guidelines: Ovarian cancer: identifying and managing familial and genetic risk

NICE guidelines on breast cancer have been in place for many years, but there have been no guidelines for ovarian cancer. Thus Prof Manchanda was asked to prepare guidelines for this form of cancer as well. This new document incorporates considerable reference to the Jewish genetic component of the disease. It can be accessed here.

Qualitative Analysis: Experience of Jewish BRCA testing in the UK

To develop the case for the Jewish BRCA Testing Programme, and to implement it, there had to be extensive background information provided for the NHS. An important part of this, led by Prof Manchanda and Katrina Sarig, and with the participant of one of the Association members, Dr Michelle Ferris, was a qualitative analysis. The results of that analysis can be accessed here.