Opthalmology Emek Medical Centre, Afula

I spent my elective in the Department of Ophthalmology at Emek Medical Centre (EMC) in Afula. I was welcomed very warmly by everyone there, and was immediately integrated into the working of the department. The doctors made sure that I was allowed to examine patients in order to learn some basics in the field. I learned to use a slit-lamp, and the diagnosis and treatment of some common eye disorders. I was recruited to help write three case reports, which are in progress.

My time at EMC was very valuable in helping me decide to pursue a career in ophthalmology, and in preparing me for that. The case reports and the experience I gained will stand me in good stead when applying for specialist training. In addition, I enjoyed the experience enormously. I arranged with the residents that they would call me if anything interesting happened when I was not around; that way I made the most out of my time.

Apart from the work I was doing during the week, I was invited to the homes of several colleagues over shabbat. Dr Briscoe, the head of the department, and Dr Feldman, one of the residents, were particularly kind in this regard.

The Jewish Medical Association (UK) grant made it possible for me to finance the elective in Israel. As a student I am not yet earning, and it might have been difficult to find the money in such a short time.

Samuel Borin

Published in General News, on June 22nd, 2017


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