Israeli Colo-Rectal Surgeons

A reception for 12 visiting Israeli Colorectal Surgeons was held at UCL on 12th March 2012.

The visitors (below) were from a wide range of Israeli hospitals, and were hosted first by Dr Richard Cohen (UCLH), with help from Dr Andrew Williams (St Thomas’s Hospital and Dr. Joseph Nunoo-Mensa (King’s College Hospital).

Financial support came from the Israel, Britain and Commonwealth Association.

Dr Reuven Weil [Group leader; Rabin Medical Centre, (Beilinson) Petach Tikva]

Dr Abu Arar Anwar (Soroka Medical Centre, Beer Sheva)

Dr Michal Braha (Assaf Harofeh Medical Centre, Tzerifin)

Dr Zakhar Bramnik (Western Galilee Hospital, Nahariyah)

Dr Galit Even-Bendahan (Meir Hospital, Kfar Saba)

Dr Shahar Grunner (Rambam Health Care, Haifa)

Dr Evgeny Karasik (Assaf Harofeh Medical Centre, Tzerifin)

Dr Nadav Slijper (Bnei Zion Medical Centre, Haifa)

Dr Anatoly Simanovsky (Kaplan Medical Centre, Rehovot)

Dr Alexander Tatarov [Rabin Medical Centre (Golda), Petach Tikva]

Dr Veascheslav Zilbermints [Rabin (Golda) Medical Centre, Petach Tikva]

The reception was followed by a discussion meeting about Medical Professionalism in the two countries. Professor Irving Taylor spoke about the changes within the profession, and in societal approaches to professionalism, that are taking place in the UK; and Dr Alex Deutsch reflected on how Israeli medical professionalism has also evolved during his working life.  Several of the London surgeon supervisors and sponsors of the visit were present.

Before the discussion meeting a Jewish Medical Association (UK) Scholarship award holder, Aaron Hughes, told the meeting about his elective experiences in Vanautu.

After their time in London hospitals the group spent the final part of the week at the M25 colorectal surgeons training course in Basingstoke

This scheme and implementation were due once again primarily to the efforts of Dr Deutsch, a former UK surgeon who has worked for many years in Israel.

Many letters of thanks have been received from the visiting group, and two examples of these can be accessed here.


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