Practical Jewish Medical Ethics: “Care of the Child”

A one day meeting was held at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue (with generous help from the Association patron, Rabbi Dr Levy, and from the synagogue board) on this theme: There were several panel discussions on selected topics. Rabbi Joseph Dweck and Dr Paul de Keyser introduced the subject, reflecting on the notion that “the child is more than a small adult”. This was followed by a discussion on end of life issues where we were fortunate to have as speakers Prof Alan Jotkowitz from the Jakobovits Centre at Ben Gurion University, and Prof John Wyatt, who is one the UK’s leading experts on medical ethics and faith issues, particularly in the neonatal period, together with Rabbi Wilson.  This was followed by sessions on genetics (Dr Ian Ellis, Dayan Binstock, Rabbi Birnbaum and Prof Jotkowitz) and Brit Milah [Prof Glick (Ben Gurion University), Prof Katz and Dr Spitzer]. The discussion on child protection was chaired by Dr Michael Coren, and Drs Cohn, Fertleman and Lindsey addressed the medical issues that are of ongoing major concern in the UK, Prof Glick gave an Israeli perspective and Dayan Gelley spoke on the role of the rabbi in this area. Finally Prof Kottek from the Hebrew University, who is a paediatrician as well as a medical historian, spoke about the way that the embryo is discussed in the Talmud.


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