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Visits to the UK for Israeli medical students are organised annually by Dr Alan Naftalin and Prof Susan Gelding. In Israel these visits are arranged via the International Secretary of the Student Israel Medical Association (2010: Helena Moshe –


March 2011
Ohad Bitan – Tel Aviv University Medical School

August 2011
Adi Goldstein –    Ben Gurion University Medical School
Katya Mail    –    Tel Aviv University Medical School
Adi Silberman –  Tel Aviv University Medical School
Ofir Vinograd – Ben Gurion University Medical School


Dear All

We would like to thank everyone who was involved and contributed to the Israeli student attachment program.

The past four weeks have been incredible. Dr. Alan Naftalin welcomed us with a lovely dinner at his house and took care of all our needs during our stay. In addition, he made sure we learn a lot about medicine and the way it is practiced in the UK by arranging meetings with well experienced doctors such as Prof. David Katz, Prof. Stuart Stanton and Dr. Mike Peters of the BMA.

Our time at the hospital was very useful and every doctor we have met was very keen on teaching. Both the Endocrinology and Cardiology doctors were very warm and welcoming, especially Prof. Gelding, Dr. Toms, Dr. Archbold and Dr. Ranjan.

We are very grateful for the kindness and generosity of Caroline Marcus and Marc Gordon who let us stay at their lovely home for the duration of our stay, it made our stay very comfortable and pleasant. The oyster card was very valuable, it helped us get to Newham Hospital fairly easily, as well as explore the sights and get the most out of our

time in London. We feel very lucky we had the chance to take part in this program and we will definitely recommend other students to apply for it next year.

With gratitude,

Adi Goldstein, Ofir Vinograd, Katya Mail & Adi Silberman


Yossi Ben-Sheetrit – Tel Aviv University Medical School
Shira Rabinowicz – Tel Aviv University Medical School
Yuval Schachaf – Technion Medical School, Haifa
Michael Yoshpa – Hebrew University Medical School, Jerusalem

The clinical attachment is at Newham University Hospital NHS Trust. Dr Alan Naftalin, Prof Susan Gelding and the educational team at Newham are responsible for the programme. In addition to Newham Hospital several JMA(UK) give them the opportunity to see other aspects of UK medicine. Thus they have also spent time with Prof Michael Baum (breast disease), Prof Atul Mehta at the Royal Free Hospital (Gaucher’s disease and Lysosomal Storage Disease), Prof Anthony Warrens at the Royal London Hospital (paediatric nephrology), and Prof Stuart Stanton (urogynaecology).

The Israeli group feedback:

  • The house: the house was a big convenience for us – much better than student dormitories!
  • The atmosphere: every doctor we met gave us a wonderful feeling of being welcomed, and was motivated to share his / her experience.
  • The Shabbat dinners: we had a lot of fun each Shabbat.
  • The Jewish medical students: a big part of the experience was to meet someone your age and at the same stage in life – this makes you understand the differences between Israel and UK. We had a lot of fun meeting all of them.
  • The hospital: the doctors we met were pleasant, friendly and motivated.
  • The Oyster Card: giving us an oyster card allowed us to travel “lightly” everywhere we wanted and enjoy London.
  • The exchange: was very successful: Alan Naftalin’s warm treatment was a big help.


Mor Nadir – Tel Aviv University Medical School
Efrat Rind – Tel Aviv University Medical School


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