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Jnetics* is the only charity dedicated to improving the management and prevention of Jewish genetic disorders (JGDs) in the UK.

Jnetics works to improve awareness and access to carrier screening for severe, recessive JGDs to reduce the incidence of these devastating conditions.  They also raise awareness of heredity cancers that are relatively more prevalent among Jewish people and how these can be better managed.

In 2017, working in partnership with the NHS, Jnetics launched its GENEius Programme – an education and screening initiative targeted at young Jewish adults. GENEius is fully endorsed by all the synagogue movements and key community leadership organisations. The programme aims to change the mindset of the Jewish community so that JGD education and screening becomes standard practice in the UK, as it has been for many years in other Jewish communities abroad.

GENEius delivers education about JGDs and the importance of screening to Jewish sixth formers, Jewish university students and couples going through the synagogue pre-marriage process. Year 12 and university students are offered screening as an integrated part of the GENEius programme, whereas pre-marriage couples and others in the community can access screening via the Jnetics’ clinic based at Barnet Hospital.

Building on the success of their experience in Birmingham University in March, the charity Jnetics delivered a GENEius carrier screening event in Leeds on November 17th 2019. With enormous input from the Leeds Jewish medical students, primarily Alex Sharpe and Aaron Gefland, they screened over 90 students for 9 of the most severe recessive Jewish genetic disorders.

Jnetics will be delivering their next GENEius programme at Cambridge University and is looking for Jewish medical students to get involved with this opportunity. Please email the Jewish Medical Association UK for further information.

To learn more about the work Jnetics and the GENEius programme visit their website

* Formerly known as Jewish Genetic Disorders UK (JGD UK)