Dr Lotte Newman

Born Frankfurt, Germany 22.01.1929. Died London UK 26.04.2019

Dr Lotte Newman, a Life Member of the Association, died in April 2019 after a long illness.

Prof David Katz wrote to her family saying that “Lotte was, of course, much more than a Life Member. She was a stalwart activist and participant in all matters where Jewish and medical issues intersected. She was a member of the Board of Deputies, and chaired the group which monitored and defended Milah (which became Milah UK). She facilitated the links which led to the formation of the Jewish Medical Association UK. She nurtured younger doctors to be active in Jewish / medical public affairs. She was a leading general practitioner, serving as a distinguished President of the Royal College of General Practitioners. The role of women in medicine was an important cause for Lotte , and she was President of the Medical Women’s Federation in their 80th anniversary year. She set an example of energy and engagement to us all”.

Several members of the Association paid tribute to her after her death.

Dr Simon Wiseman recalled that he was Lotte’s trainee in the early 1970’s

Dr Adrian Naftalin, who was a friend and colleague of Lotte for well over 30 years, said in tribute: “Lotte was a most remarkable woman in very many ways and it was a tragedy that the last years of her life were marked by profound dementia. She will be greatly missed and long remembered”.

Dr John Marks said that he knew Lottie as a member of the Trustees of the MSD, as President of the MWF, and as her Deputy when she was President on the JMA. He commented that “her achievements were outstanding, and her personality likable. She will be missed by all of us”

Prof Michael Baum described her as “a formidable women with a delightful sense of humour”.

Prof Stuart Stanton wrote from Israel saying that “she was a fine person and a good doctor”.

The President of the Medical Women’s Federation, Dr Henrietta Bowden – Jones, said that a minute of silence in Lotte’s memory will take place at their next annual meeting in Bristol.