London Presidential Lecture – The Role of The Patient In Healthcare

London Presidential Lecture – The Role of The Patient In Healthcare

Speaker: Dr Charlotte Benjamin
(Chief Medical Officer, NHS North West London, and GP Partner at St George’s Medical Centre, Hendon)

Dr Charlotte Benjamin graduated from University College London Medical School in 1997. She has been in General Practice in North West London since 2002. In addition to her patient contact work, she plays a key role in medical leadership and management. As Chief Medical Officer she brings the clinical voice to the ICB Executive.

Dr Benjamin is responsible for weekly coordination of chief medical, nursing, and operating officers in order to optimise urgent and emergency care performance across North West London. Her role includes enabling endorsement of clinical pathways and support of the clinical reference groups via the clinical leadership community. Her approach, as Senior Responsible Officer for London wide primary care deliberation, aims to foster the role of patients in deliberative engagement in healthcare.

In her lecture, Dr Benjamin focused on the doctor-patient partnership: how to maximise patient activation to optimise patient health wellbeing outcomes. The aim of patient engagement is to improve quality of services. To achieve this, it requires both quantitative and qualitative feedback. Dr Benjamin will also discuss her work on “re-imagining mental health”; and in understanding communities who are more hesitant to engage with healthcare, as manifested during her Covid-19 vaccine work.

The recording can be accessed here.