Israeli Transplantation – Live Issues

Israeli Transplantation – Live Issues

Speaker: Dr Tamar Ashkenazi
Director of the Israeli National Transplant Centre.

Dr Ashkenazi is a registered nurse, and undertook her doctoral research at Tel Aviv University, presenting a thesis about adaption to loss. She has held her current position for 23 years.

She established the network of national transplant coordinators and dedicated ICU physicians in all Israeli hospitals; the ongoing process of quality control for organ donation; and developed unique process dedicated to accompanying and supporting families of organ donors. She moderates grief support groups for bereaved organ donor families and published a book – “Mourning – the day after”, proposing a variety of practical ways to cope with various situations over time after donation – associated bereavement with combined input of parents, brothers and children who have experienced bereavement.

In her talk Dr Ashkenazi will introduce us to her remarkable work and also talk about how she has developed the Israeli live donation system which includes an international kidney pair programme between pairs who do not have a match.

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