Medicine in the Israel

Meir Panim

The Meir Panim network of relief centres encompasses 30 branches throughout Israel. Meir Panim’s food services provide a solution to the growing problem of food insecurity amongst the underprivileged and elderly in Israel, homebound and Holocaust survivors while preserving their self-respect. It provides a million and a half meals every year as well as critical services free of charge, to more than 100,000 poor children and their families. The organization distributes food shopping cards that look like credit cards and are used as a gift card at major food chain stores. The organization also manages after-school youth clubs for underprivileged students, vocational training courses for the unemployed, and recreation clubs for the elderly. Warehouses collect secondhand equipment donated by Israelis and distributes them to individuals in need, furnishes apartments for lone soldiers, and assists newly-married couples and refugees from Darfur.

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Contact: Gabriel Blauer, Executive Director of UK Branch of Meir Panim:
Tel: 020 82027508 or 07985 511 475,