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Ziv Medical Centre

Ziv Medical Centre was established in 1910 in Zefat, and since then has served the diverse population of northern Israel in the Galilee and the Golan Heights.

Ziv’s catchment area includes approximately 250,000 residents as well as a large number of local and foreign visitors and tourists, who travel to the region for pleasure, business and religious ceremonies.

Ziv Medical Centre is a leading Trauma Centre in the north. Its close proximity to the borders with Lebanon and Syria has created a long-standing cooperation between the hospital and the Israel Defense Force (IDF). Thousands of Israeli citizens, members of the security forces, residents of the Golan Heights and Southern Lebanon, Syrian citizens and UN soldiers and personnel suffering from severe war injuries, victims of hostilities, accidents and illness, have been treated at the Ziv Medical Centre during periods of war, emergency situations and routine circumstances.

In the summer of 2006, during the Second Lebanon War, Ziv was hit by Katyusha missiles and yet was the northern hospital which provided treatment to the largest number of casualties, approximately 1,500, including 700 civilians and 800 soldiers. The hospital received a special commendation from the Israeli Government and the IDF for its remarkable functioning during this difficult period.

From February 2013 until December 2019, Ziv Medical Centre treated over 1500 wounded and ill Syrians, providing them with humanitarian medical assistance. Ziv’s staff provided medical treatment to the casualties including children, women and men, suffering from complex war injuries following the lack of medical options for treatment in Syria. The medical team has accumulated unique professional experience which has no equivalent in Israel and hopefully will never be needed for treatment of war casualties in Israel.

Ziv Medical Centre is in constant momentum and development. Its main goals are to develop and expand its professional capabilities and strengthen its position as a leading medical centre in northern Israel.

Ziv is in the midst of a significant process of upgrading its medical services and hospitalisation facilities. New services and advanced equipment have been added and we have introduced innovative surgery: minimally invasive surgery, paediatric surgery, eye surgery and orthopaedic surgery, all meeting the highest international standards. The hospital has added many top specialists to its team, coming from central hospitals in Israel, bringing with them specialties relevant and important to the northern region of Israel.

In the past years, Ziv has been characterized by major construction projects and a rapid development of infrastructures, with the aim of providing the residents of the north with encompassing professional services which will save them the hardship of traveling to Haifa and the centre of the country to obtain these services. In July 2016 Ziv inaugurated the Beit Ida Child Health Centre, in 2017  a Radiotherapy Unit was opened, providing advanced treatments for cancer patients and in 2018  the PET-CT Institute was inaugurated. Ziv is currently constructing a clinic for Breast Health Care.

Ziv Medical Centre is an academic and clinical institute, affiliated to Bar-Ilan University’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee, located in Zefat. Ziv’s strong connections to the Faculty are expressed in the integration of many of Ziv’s physicians into the Faculty’s teaching staff and instruction of students in the hospitalization departments of the hospital.

Research at Ziv has expanded significantly, with a growth in the scope of its clinical and basic research projects. Research cooperation takes place with the Faculty of Medicine and with Migal, the Galilee Research Institute.

The uniqueness of the Ziv Medical Centre stems from its warm family atmosphere. The hospital is situated in the heart of a spectacular rural landscape and benefits from the broad cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of the residents of northern Israel. This diversity is reflected in the staff and the patients of the hospital, imbuing it with a family-like atmosphere of caring and acceptance.

Ziv provides professional services to all who enter its doors requiring treatment, with a proactive approach to the communities living in the north. Ziv is connected to the community and together with its leaders, continuously seeks to improve the wellbeing of the residents by offering its unique professional contribution and admirable treatment experience.

We provide medical solutions to the cherished residents of northern Israel, to IDF soldiers serving in the region and to all those turning to us on a daily basis.
We are aware of the magnitude of our mission in times of emergency and are laying the infrastructure and training staff to deal with these situations while at the same time always hoping for peace.

Our vision for health in the north of the country is based on our centre which upholds the values of professionalism, excellence, respect for humankind and the professional oath of the physician.

We believe in cooperation with the mayors, heads of regional councils and communities in our area, in order to advance the health of the residents and the fulfilment of our vision.

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