Medicine in Israel

Medical Schools

Bar-Ilan University

The Faculty of Medicine of Bar-Ilan University is located in the unique historical and cultural setting of Safed in the North of Israel.

The strategic decision to open Israel’s  fifth  Medical School in the Galilee was intended to increase physician numbers, stimulate development and also to serve as a focus of clinical and research excellence in the North.  Of note, the new Medical School has seen remarkable early success in attracting both outstanding clinicians and researchers in both basic science and clinical fields.  Affiliated hospitals include Ziv Hospital in Tsfat itself, together with Poriya Hospital in Tiberias, Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya and Nazareth Hospitals.  The hospitals offer a full range of departments and services.  Electives are offered in all fields of medicine, both in the hospitals and in the community and include numerous centers of excellence.

Students wishing to undertake elective periods of study have two options available for finding a suitable appointment.

  • Students wishing an elective in any field may contact the coordinator, Prof. Eric Shinwell (, who is Director of Neonatology at Ziv Hospital in Tsfat.  An appropriate department and supervisor will be offered accordingly.

If a student is interested in a specific supervisor or department, contact may be made directly and the details will be coordinated later as required.

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