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Ben-Gurion University Medical School

The Ben-Gurion University (BGU) Medical School is based in the BGU of the Negev which was established in Beersheva in 1969 with the aim to bring development to the Negev, a desert area comprising more than 60% of Israel. BGU was inspired by the vision of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, who believed that the future of the country lay in this region. Since its establishment BGU has gained recognition for its unique pioneering spirit that combines outstanding academics and research with a commitment to the local community. It is recognised as a leader in areas such as desert agriculture and water resource management. The Medical School and Life Sciences are known for their international health, Bedouin medicine, genetics, biotechnology and nanotechnology programmes. The main teaching base is the Soroka Hospital, but all students spend time in the community from the start of the course. There are satellite campuses in Eilat and Sede Boqer, where Ben-Gurion lived in his final years and is buried. Ben Gurion also runs a International Medical School for foreign students where the emphasis is on Global Health integrated into their studies.

Ben Gurion University Medical School participated in the IMA Centennial Exhibition in Brussels in November 2011. The poster is attached.

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