Medicine in Israel

Medical Schools

Tel-Aviv University- Sackler Faculty of Medicine

The Sackler Faculty of Medicine is affiliated with nearly 20 medical centers in Israel. This hospital network is an integral part of the research and teaching activities at Sackler. The staff and personnel at these partner institutes are closely integrated with Tel Aviv University and form the basis of the Faculty’s clinical departments.

Sackler’s elective program offers the student the opportunity to explore options while developing new skills. TAU’s Electives Program was established in 1986 and hosts an average of 150 overseas medical students each year. The participants in the Electives Program take part in routine departmental activities, participate in supervised rounds, give patients bedside instructions and attend seminars and conferences. Due to hospital restrictions, practical hands-on training is limited. Students will have the opportunity to observe clinical activities. Theoretical lectures and clinical research are not a part of this program.

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