Prof Terence Stephenson, Henry Cohen Visiting Professor, visited Israel in June 2015

His visit was arranged together with the British Friends of the Hebrew University. During this visit he:

  • Was welcomed at the Hebrew University – Hadassah Ein Kerem campus, where the Dean, Prof David Lichtstein hosted sessions with (including the heads of the Military Medical Programme; Profs  Neumark and Berry from the Braun School of Public Health; Profs Block and Shaham from the medical education programme; Profs Sasson and Yisraeli from the research section; and Prof Kottek and Dr Collins from the library and museum). He also heard presentations from researchers and saw the Chagall Windows.
  • Discussed Jewish perspectives on medical ethics issues with Rabbi Prof Avraham Steinberg
  • Met with Prof Jonathan Halevy at Shaarei Zedek Hospital and heard about how Israeli medical services are organised, in particular about the “basket of services” which are provided nationally.
  • Met with the President of the Hebrew University, Prof Ben Sasson on Mount Scopus.
  • Was entertained for dinner by the heads of the Israeli Paediatric groups, Prof Eli Somekh (Wolfson Hospital) and Dr Zacchi Grossman.
  • Was hosted by Prof Zajfman (President of the Weizmann Institute), and met with Prof Livneh (National Centre for Personalised Medicine), Dr Eran Elinav and Dr Micha Schwartz
  • Visited Ben Gurion University and met with the Dean, Prof Amos Katz, as well as with Dr Manuel Katz and his colleagues at the Rahat Community Paediatrics Centre for Bedouin
  • Travelled to Haifa and met with Prof Gad Rennert from the National Cancer Survey
  • Was welcomed to the Technion by Prof Peretz Lavie (President) and then went to the Rappaport Medical School where he met the Dean, Prof Eliezer Shalev, and to Rambam Hospital where he met Dr Shavit Itai. ,
  • Visited Western Galilee Hospital, Nahariyah (part of the Bar Ilan Medical School) and met with the Director Dr Massad Barhoum
  • Returned to Tel Aviv and met with, Prof Grossman (Tel Aviv University Medical School) and Dr Amitai Ziv at the Medical Simulation Centre based at Sheba Hospital.
  • Met with the head of the Israel Medical Association Scientific Committee, Prof Shapiro, and the head of their legal section, Adv Borow, and had wide ranging discussion about education, training and professional regulation with them
  • Was hosted by the Deputy British Ambassador, Dr Rob Dixon, at the Residency, which was attended by many distinguished Israel paediatricians, the former Israel medical ombudsman, Prof Shimon Glick, and the President of the Israeli Medical Association, Dr Leonid Eidelman.

In addition he was also able to visit were Yad Vashem, Herodion and Acre

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