Update – Israeli Medicine – November 2023

A Gazan physician, Dr Khamis Elessi, published a letter in the Lancet (28th October 2023): “Save the Gaza residents from imminent catastrophe” about the deteriorating situation in Gaza. There were several inaccuracies in this letter.

In a response to Dr Elessi “The conflict in Gaza: a view from Israel” (published on 1st November 2023), Shelley Sternberg and Edward Breuer say that they share his concerns, and that they pray for the protection of innocent lives on both sides of the border, but that these concerns must begin with recognising that a terrorist organisation currently governs Gaza. Sternberg and Breuer’s letter can be accessed here.

A reflective comment about the ethical issues that healthcare professionals are encountering during the current conflict was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on 8th November and can be accessed here.

One of the most disturbing features since 7th October 2023 has been the silence of many of the International Healthcare Organisations about violence to women and children. The Israeli medical community have united to call for condemnation of gender – based crimes, for safe return of victims, and for support of those who are victims of such trauma. The full statement can be accessed here.

The issue of gender – based violence (GBV) on 7th October was also taken up by the Lancet, saying that medical societies, journals, and governing bodies must take a clear moral stance by vocally condemning the GBV atrocities. Their article can be accessed here.