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Aleh is a rehabilitative network of centres caring for the most severely disabled children in Israel. Established in 1982 by a group of determined parents, Aleh believes that every child, regardless of the severity of the physical or cognitive disability, has the right to benefit from the best available care and develop to his or her full potential. Its four facilities provide 650 children and young adults with all the specialised services they need to live a quality life: residential living, medical care, rehabilitative and therapeutic treatment, special education, vocational training opportunities, and social and cultural activities. In addition, Aleh provides some 32,000 outpatient sessions to children with disabilities and are able to live at home.

As Israel’s largest organisation for the severely disabled, and Aleh’s groundbreaking rehabilitative concepts are changing social perceptions regarding the care for the most vulnerable amongst us.

To learn more about Aleh visit our website –

Brit Olam – International Volunteering and Development

Brit Olam – International Volunteering and Development promotes values of “Tikkun Olam”, social responsibility, social entrepeneurship and volunteerism. Brit Olam believes that each human maintains the right to exist in dignity and aims to support a just, inclusive and pluralistic Israeli society. To achieve its mission Brit Olam integrates Israeli and Jewish volunteers from around the world in developing and cultivating sustainable development programmes for the benefit of disadvantaged populations and carries out relief operations in response to natural or manmade disasters.

The Brit Olam website can be accessed at

Brit Olam is involved in a project in Kiboga District, Uganda “Israeli medicine on the Equator” which is described here.

There are new opportunities for British doctors and medical students to participate in this work. To express interest please contact the Association administrator at


The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid (IsraAID) is Israel’s leading non-governmental international aid agency, operating globally to aid communities in distress. It represents the efforts of fourteen different Israeli and Jewish Aid organizations as they operate in the fields of disaster management and emergency relief, community development, health, agriculture, education, water, and hygiene and sanitation.

IsraAID subscribes to the humanitarian imperatives of its member organizations. Its main goals are:

  • To maximize charitable donations from the Israeli public;
  • To increase public awareness and affect local public policy relating to Israeli humanitarian aid;
  • To unite and thus increase the efficiency of Israel’s leading independent humanitarian agencies in their effort to provide timely humanitarian responses to populations in developing countries;
  • To facilitate cooperation, coordination and communication among these agencies

Since its establishment in 2001:

IsraAID has coordinated and facilitated aid and relief missions in over 40 countries around the world. These efforts have included:

  • relief to cyclone victims in Myanmar; •
  • long term development initiatives in Malawi;
  • rehabilitation and relief in South East Asia following the tsunami;
  • psycho-social programs for Darfur refugees on the Chad-Sudan border;
  • aid to Somali war refugees in Kenya;
  • social rehabilitation in Haiti following the earthquake

A poster describing the work of IsrAID can be found here.


In 2003, Leket Israel was founded as a result of the ever growing need for food by a large portion of the population and due to the vast amounts of excess food that was going to waste. Today, Leket Israel is the leading organization in food rescue in Israel and is the only nonprofit whose sole activity is to collect and redistribute surplus food to benefit those who need it.
Each year, 1.3 million tons of quality excess food is thrown away.* Leket Israel’s operational model allows the excess food for one, to become the nutrition and food security for another.
Every day, Leket Israel collects high quality food from various sources: agricultural produce from orchards and fields, food with a short shelf life, cooked meals from hotels, corporate cafeterias, event venues, catering companies, the IDF, restaurants etc. Leket Israel transports this food to 195 nonprofit agencies throughout the country, providing food to 175,000 beneficiaries. Throughout the year, Leket Israel is supported by 52,000 volunteers from Israel and abroad; 25,000 of which are youth. This network, of loyal and dedicated volunteers, give of their time to collect, pick, sort, pack and distribute food for those in need.
Leket Israel continues to constantly seek out new sources of excess food with the goal to fulfill its vision; to rescue all edible surplus food in Israel for those who need it.

Leket Israel is recognized by The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) as the National Food Bank of Israel. The organization was awarded the Presidential Award for Volunteerism, the Midot Seal of Effectiveness and is recognized by the Environmental Ministry as a voluntary organization.

(*)Taken from The National Food Waste and Rescue Report in Israel 2015 (produced and presented by Leket Israel, prepared by BDO Ziv Haft Israel)

For further information visit the website:

Meir Panim

The Meir Panim network of relief centres encompasses 30 branches throughout Israel. Meir Panim’s food services provide a solution to the growing problem of food insecurity amongst the underprivileged and elderly in Israel, homebound and Holocaust survivors while preserving their self-respect. It provides a million and a half meals every year as well as critical services free of charge, to more than 100,000 poor children and their families. The organization distributes food shopping cards that look like credit cards and are used as a gift card at major food chain stores. The organization also manages after-school youth clubs for underprivileged students, vocational training courses for the unemployed, and recreation clubs for the elderly. Warehouses collect secondhand equipment donated by Israelis and distributes them to individuals in need, furnishes apartments for lone soldiers, and assists newly-married couples and refugees from Darfur.

Contact: Gabriel Blauer, Executive Director of UK Branch of Meir Panim:
Tel: 020 82027508 or 07985 511 475,

Save A Child’s Heart (SACH)

Save A Child’s Heart (SACH) is one of the largest undertakings in the world providing urgently needed paediatric heart surgery and follow-up care for indigent children from developing countries. Based in Israel, their mission is to improve the quality of paediatric cardiac care for children from countries where the heart surgery they need is unobtainable. Every 29 hours our doctors save a child’s life in their medical facilities in Israel or on medical missions in partner countries around the world. Thousands of children are alive today because of a small group of medical professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to perform life-saving cardiac surgery and train local medical personnel. All children, regardless of race, religion, sex, colour or financial status receive the best possible care that modern medicine has to offer.

Save A Child’s Heart Website Link:


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