Other Elective Opportunities

The Jewish Medical Association (UK) supports scholarships for student electives for those students who participate in JMA(UK) and / or in Jewish student activities. These scholarships are for international electives. The successful students are expected to provide evidence of linkage of the elective plan, either to the Jewish community in the host country or to Jewish-related activities there.

  • Applications are invited on a rolling basis as the timing of electives varies considerably between medical schools.
  • Applications must include a curriculum vitae, a covering letter explaining the nature of the elective, documentation of approval from the studentís medical school for the elective programme, and documentation from the host teaching hospital / medical school that the student has been accepted.
  • On completion of the elective, a written report is required.
  • Students may also be selected to give an oral presentation on their experiences to members of the Association.
  • By definition, students should be on the Jewish Medical Association mailing list already, and are expected to maintain contact and become full members on graduation.

Applications for a Jewish Medical Association (UK) Elective Scholarship should normally be made at least three months in advance of the start date for your elective.

Please contact  info@jewishmedicalassociationuk.org if you have any queries, and notify the Association by email when send in your application.

The application form can be found here.

The completed application (hardcopy) should be sent to Jewish Medical Association (UK) PO Box 38278 London NW34YG. Unfortunately electronic applications cannot be accepted. You should expect to be notified about the outcome of the application within one month of the Association receiving it.


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